Gateway OoT exploit on CIA?

Discussion in '3DS - Games & Content' started by prototech, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. prototech

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    I have been trying to get the Gateway OoT save exploit moved to a CIA version of OoT, but I'm not having a lot of luck. I figured it would be convenient if I could easily relaunch the Gateway menu from within emuNAND so that I can enter Classic Mode easily.

    From my understanding, I will need to put the Gateway save onto a .3DS version of OoT, and then use SDF to export the save from the .3DS and import it to the CIA. However, when I rename the OoT save to the proper name and put it on the main 3DS micro SD card, the save file shows up as corrupted when the game is launched and it deletes itself.

    I ripped this .3DS copy of OoT from the retail cartridge I am using to run the exploit in the first place, so I know it's the same version.

    Has anyone else tried this? I may continue trying, but I find it strange that the save data actually is detected as corrupted. I would have guessed that the more likely problem area would be attempting to run the exploit in emuNAND, not simply loading the save file.

    I also meant to post this in the Flashcart/CFW sub forum, a mod can move this.
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    I like the edit part.

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    If you want to take a .3DS format .sav to a .CIA version of the game, you will need to use SDF, but you can't use the actual TitleID of the game:
    - Take the Gateway-exploit save file, and rename it to 000400000FF40A00.sav
    - Launch Gateway mode, and mount the .3DS copy that you dumped (from multirom), but don't run it.
    - Load up SDF - you will now see that the CTR save is no longer corrupted - dump it as normal (NOTE: In my experience, SDF does not always copy the full save. I've had it to where only slot 1 got copied, then I got an empty save, and after checking through about 10 backups, I finally got my full personal save. For this reason, you may want to make multiple backups just to be safe.)
    - To check the save as mentioned above, navigate all the way down your save file folder until you see 3 files, each corresponding to the save slot in-game; if you're using the Gateway save, and the first slot is not shown to be 3kb (needs to be larger), you're good to go.
    - Then simply copy the correct save using SDF to the CIA version.

    For more on 3DS -> CIA save conversion, see here: [TUTORIAL] How to export/import Gateway Card1 .sav...

    Quick note about you mentioning a corrupted save, though: I'm not certain why this happened to you, as it shouldn't so long as the save file is 512kb in size. If the process above works for you for the CIA version, try migrating that save back to the card (and renaming 000400000FF40A00.sav back to the TitleID of whatever region you are using) and see how it goes.

    Also, you may find difficulty in writing that save to your cartridge without a 4.X 3DS with a CFW emuNAND installed. You might be able to use the GW menu to write the .sav you'll get from the paragraph above, but in my experience the GW launcher itself isn't very good about saves and it is extremely picky.

    Good luck!
  4. Aurora Wright

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    Aug 13, 2006
    You can't do that as a part of the payload isn't in the save structure, it's at an arbitrary offset in the .sav
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