Gateway Nand Emulation Question

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    The second 2.0 update says that it will be safe to update firmware after saving the old NAND. I am on 4.5 right now. I want to be able to play a legit Pokemon X cart, and a legit downloadable copy of Phoenix Wright 5 when that comes out. Will I have to kill my old NAND and re update every time I want to use the Gateway cart?
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    The firmware isn't even out yet - you're asking the wrong people. Send an E-Mail to the Gateway team if anywhere, but from what I'm seeing, the NAND copy is being loaded from the SD card as it appears to be instantaneous, so I don't think you'll need to update anything at all.
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    Jun 17, 2013
    I think, it works like this: You backup your NAND. Then you Run this "SD formatter" and on next Gateway boot, it will emulate the NAND backup you made. Then you can update to 6.x, which means the NAND backup will be updated, not the actual NAND of your console. So, actually you are emulating 6.x, but your console stays at 4.5. It has to, because updating the real NAND would destroy the exploit and your backup is useless. This means, eshop will only be accessible in Gateway mode and most likely real retail cartrigdes, that acquire 6.x won't work after all, because they don't work in Gateway mode.