Gateway cheats through NTR CFW

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    Lately I've been looking for cheats for a lot of the games I have on my emuNAND (particularly Hyrule Warriors Legends so I can play with the high-level weapons before getting burned out on the game), however most cheats are Gateway/Gateshark cheats, and I have no clue how to use them without a Gateway card. I have seen NTR Client can run some gateshark cheats through NTR CFW, however I run Xubuntu and it seems NTR Client does not work on WINE (I've given up trying to troubleshoot programs on WINE since no-one ever seems to know anything about it). Is there some other way I can use NTR CFW to use Gateway cheats? I have a N3DS 9.2U sysnand/10.6U reinand.
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    you'd have to learn C and how the Gateshark codes function and how to translate them to C. just use speedfly and Google Translate with translation set from Chinese to English. it's all you can get for now.
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