Hacking Gateway 3DS Save Backup for CFW doesn't work


Jan 29, 2015
Lima, Peru
Hello there. I'm trying to use my Resident Evil Revelations and Mario Kart 7 retail games saves for CFW.
I dumped the saves with Gateway, then I replaced the cia saves with the saves I dumped.
For example, Resident Evil Revelations save is "ABRE.SAV", so I go to the SD and replace the 0000001.sav with the "ABRE.SAV" one, then I start the game in my CFW and a message appears saying that the save is corrupted.
What can I do? Tried with MK7 and RE: Revelations only. I sell my MK7 game yesterdayn just have RE:Revelations :(
I tried to dump the saves with savedatafiler (cia) but when I start it, a black screen appears with an SD error.

I'd like to play RE:Revelations at least with my retail game save and I would like to dump AC: New Leaf and Zelda ALBW saves.
Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.

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  • D @ DanySO76:
    this is the link
  • M4x1mumReZ @ M4x1mumReZ:
    And what problems were you having?
  • M4x1mumReZ @ M4x1mumReZ:
    Has it got to do with running games?
  • D @ DanySO76:
    my problem is... that i would like to play the games ... for example the zorg youtuber
  • D @ DanySO76:
    only has 6 games on his web site
  • M4x1mumReZ @ M4x1mumReZ:
    You load ISOs in "wiisxrx\iso", either in ISO or BIN format.
  • M4x1mumReZ @ M4x1mumReZ:
    The folders need to be created on the root of your SD first.
  • D @ DanySO76:
    and works good
  • D @ DanySO76:
    i downloaded those games and excellent
  • M4x1mumReZ @ M4x1mumReZ:
    I wouldn't advise reading video guides, they tend to be outdated after a while.
  • M4x1mumReZ @ M4x1mumReZ:
    Just read the thread for details
  • D @ DanySO76:
    if i downloadad the games the another site because he only has 6 games , thoses games don`t work
  • M4x1mumReZ @ M4x1mumReZ:
    I have no idea what you're talking about.
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    I'm giving you advice but you're not listening.
  • D @ DanySO76:
    i am sorry man
  • M4x1mumReZ @ M4x1mumReZ:
    It's okay
  • M4x1mumReZ @ M4x1mumReZ:
    I recommend you explain your problem here so people can better understand it: https://gbatemp.net/threads/quick-newbie-questions-here.155449/
  • M4x1mumReZ @ M4x1mumReZ:
    Don't provide links to any ISOs as this is against the site's rules.
  • D @ DanySO76:
    thanks for your help :)
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    Yw mate
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    @K3N1, You the power bottom, right?
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    Nah that's uremums role
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    @M4x1mumReZ pretty sure he was just asking for warez links
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    @The Real Jdbye, I could tell, I didn't understand a word he was saying.
  • M4x1mumReZ @ M4x1mumReZ:
    Until he mentioned that he downloaded them from a YouTuber's video or something idk.
    M4x1mumReZ @ M4x1mumReZ: Until he mentioned that he downloaded them from a YouTuber's video or something idk.