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    Feb 21, 2014
    Hello all,

    Thank GBAtemp for offering us a chance to recruit gaming card reviewers here. We're one of the most popular seller in Now we're pleased to offer free gaming cards to cool reviewers to get objective reivews.
    Please reply this thread with link your previous work if you're interested. We'll pick out qualified reviewer to give out free gaming cards.

    Here's the list of the products needed to be reviewed:
    Supercard DSTWO DS Two for 3DS 6.1/V1.45 DSi XL/DSi/DSL/DS
    R4i SDHC Dual Core Smart Revolution for V7.0 3DS/V1.4.5 Dsi/DsiLL/XL/DSL/DS
    2014 R4isdhc Dual-Core Flash Card for 3DS 7.0 Console
    R4i-SDHC Upgrade WiFi Mini Package for V6.3 3DS/DSi LL/DSi/DS Lite/DS V1.4.5

    Feel free to let us know if any questions :)
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    There's already a post in the 3DS hacking section. I'll just paste it's content here.

    Seems like the second link is broken/ you have to register to visit it. :D
    I made some reviews concerning DS mode flashcards on Youtube (German, partly with english subtitles) and on my website (only German). I'll only write reviews in German since I want to write good reviews without many mistakes.
    I don't need two of the cards but if your second link should be for, I would like to review it and I can review the last one.
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    Jan 10, 2011
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    Sep 3, 2014
    I would love to review some cards, I'm more of a lurker on gba but I do have experience reviewing and unboxing products on my youtube channel. My channel is small but I'm getting ever closer for my channel to hit 300 000 views.

    I have every Everdrive Flashcart and I'm in the process of reviewing every single one. I am a collector of flash carts, so I have tons of them to compare with the review flash flash carts.

    I would like to review the Supercard DSTWO if possible, or whatever you need reviewed.

    Gaming & Tech Youtube Channel