Gamecube Games out of other regions corrupt Memory Card

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    May 9, 2016
    Hello, today I tried out the japan exclusive game 'Donkey Konga 3'. Well, as I finished playing, I noticed that my whole Memory Card got corrupt. I had to format it and now all my saves are gone.

    So for the future: Should you use an extra Memory Card for games that do not have the same region code than the Wii console itself or do you should save on an SD and if, can you set it up that (for example in Nintendon't) you can seperately save to SD for specific games but for the other ones on the normal Memory Card?

    P.S: My console is PAL
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    Dec 22, 2016
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    I never had this issue, i play JAP games on the same memory card as my US games, and no issues
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    Sep 19, 2013
    it was confirmed and mentioned on other places (like when dealing with virtual memory cards, but real cards as well) that you shouldn't use the same memory card for japanese games and european\USA ones

    if you have usa and american saves there is no problem..
    however saving japanese saves in a memory card with european or america saves it MAY corrupt it (or vice versa i.e. memory card has japanese saves and you try to save a usa\eur game on it), better safe than sorry so...

    PS: but it's good to remember people about this...
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    Operating system language. Japanese games are designed to only behave properly on Japanese consoles.

    Thus the fundamental problem with most methods of playing imports: they force the game to run under the wrong environment.
    It leads to a variety of issues like mojibake, crashes, or save corruption. Also Star Fox Adventures switches text language. (USA/JPN copies only)

    As for memory card formatting... it's supposed to be decided by the console region, not the game disc region.
    In the event you successfully save a Japanese game run on a western system (some games don't care and can save/load without apparent issue), the data will be located on a western format memory card. Making the save unusable as-is on a real Japanese system.

    Of course reverse the terminology for western games in Japan.