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  1. agentgamma

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Sydney, Australia
    I had an idea for a portable game - a hybrid puzzle/adventure game involving time manipulation
    Say a bridge collapsed and you need to cross it to get to the other side of a river - just rewind time so the bridge is standing.
    Or if someone murdered the president - go back and stop the murderer to save him [​IMG]

    The story involves a small town named Floraville.
    While it seems like a nice country town, murder, betrayal and illegal drug rings are present.
    You are an undercover agent for the FBI named Matt Rodreigus.
    You have a cell phone that can literally go through time.
    You need to investigate all the illegal things happening in Floraville without anyone knowing.
    Get caught and its game over.
    Also you may have conversations and you need to pick the right options or you will get game over (like Hotel Dusk)

    To travel back, you unlock different dates which let you travel back.
    To unlock dates, find a connection between the date and the current case.

    Have you ever had an idea for a game?
  2. HokageNaruto

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    Nov 21, 2008
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    Isn't that kinda like timeshift for the xbox 360?

    I've always wanted a portable mmorpg [​IMG] That would be amazing
  3. Kyuzumaki

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    Dec 24, 2006
    A good DS version of counterstrike DS would be brilliant.

    Less mainstream a game like warioware except you can make up your own mini games and share them
  4. GameSoul


    Mar 21, 2008
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    Edited: a Sci-FI FPS that takes place in 7019 A.D. where you are killing creatures that have come to take over the Earth, and this invasion is a week before the world ends, so you go all out in killing these things while the human population decreases by a million each hour. They appear everywhere all over the Earth so the environment is always different. There's no hope for Earth, NASA is creating a spaceship worth trillions of dollars, that can only send 1,000 people in space because of the limited time. But guess what? You are left to die with the planet and you look for a new escape route off of Earth while racing against time.
  5. agentgamma

    agentgamma I dont know what to put here

    Oct 5, 2007
    Sydney, Australia
    I think Nintendo are making a program that allows you to make WarioWare styled microgames (but its DSiWare [​IMG])
  6. Licardo7

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    Jul 29, 2008
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    I make up a ton of games in my free time but the wierd thing is. I don't think about gameplay or all that.

    The first thing I think of is an EPIC trailer/teaser. I can make up a *let's see........ carry the 2............ the root of 25 times the quantum physics quote with the............. plus 1........... ok* a 40004324932652963475602 hour trailer on just one game. I like to make up trailers for existing games that are kickass.

    Back to the subject. I made up this game, it's a SCI-FI FPS/TPS (your choise) where you acually make your own army and go online to fight them. You can get members on your military and fly to different planets to try to concour an area. One catch though, the leader/captin/admin(of the team) has to be in a RTS point of veiw and comand orders to the people in the battlr field. He can also make people sagents and let them come n RTS oint of view to comand their squad. Each army will be 30+ players (will never go under 30) and all of the unfilled slots will be replaced by Bots that have incredible A.I and will follow orders (you'll want bots instead of real players lol) There are not just land battles. There are Land battles, sky battles, across space battles (in this you man a lazer torrent and try to drive the other ships away), if the across space battl doesn't work then you will go into a ship battle (this is similar to Star wars battle front 2, you get a ship, distroy the other ship and drive off) but this mode isn't just to kill the other team, if your low on suplies and need to find shelter then you just might want to scar them away and turn your ship around. There are also sneek attacks, this can be in space or on land. If it's night then you might want to send ships full of solders down close to the base and there you can sneek in there and kill every one in their ship (kinda like far cry 2). Also on the ship you can ether climb abourd the ship and start bombing the place or just blast it with all you got from the outside. You can't sneek attack if no one's on you army server and all of the soilders are bots because they will jut pass by and that's it. Bots are only to defend your ship/base. Only captans, lutenants, and sargents can call an attack on another place. It is always a safe Idea to go to your base if every one's going to logg off because some ship can attack your ship and it sucks if you wake up and find your men slatered, being in your base, Bots will defend you and won't lose, if there are all bots then they won't loose but if at least one person is in there then the bot's skills will go down a little. ANd a lot more but I don't want to type anymore.

    Sounds like a VERY complicated game but it's actually preaty basic.

  7. The Fat Controll

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    Dec 5, 2008
    Back story:

    Sci-fi, the year is 2018. The West and Eastern bloc have been at war for 33 years. The Americans have deployed autonomous robots capable of self-improvement, in order to kill off the Soviet troops. The robots are made to target all living things except the Allies.


    Either strategy or FPS. You're a supersoldier in charge of one of the few surviving US military bunkers in the aftermath of the devastating attack of the evolving robots. They have begun to imitate humans. Gather your forces and work together with your former enemies to defeat the machines before they annihilate all human life.


    This is almost entirely nicked from a sci-fi story I read a long time ago, but I think it would make a good game concept [​IMG]
  8. Javacat

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    Jul 27, 2007
    A real version of the game in Killer net. It basically consists of you plotting the perfect murder and getting away with it. Choosing your victim and then stalking the victim, what weapon to use, where and when to kill them, planning how to dispose of the body and where (burn it, bury it in a tunnel and cover with acid?), coming up with an alibi and then actually doing it. Then you've got to get around the questioning from the police for the investigation and if you manage to get away with not. If you get away with the murder you win and get to select your next victim.