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    Aug 4, 2011

    Hello, I'm really new to this forum, and I have been lurking a while, and really like all the homebrew stuff here. I'm thinking of programming my own ds game. It's going to be a port of the flash game Free Rider 2. It has to be one of my favourite flash games of all time. I'm really new to all this, so first of all I need to know what software would be useful to get, and any wikis that would help. My port of the game is going to be as similar as possible to the original. Its going to use the ds touch screen to draw the lines (there will still be a straight line tool and a curved line tool) It will also let you draw scenery in colour (like on the site) and will allow you to do all the other things it does on the flash version. The bottom screen will have all the tools for zooming in and editing, and the top screen will be the one you use to drive your vehicle. As I have seen on a few sites, they have made alterations, the biggest ones being colour scenery (I like it allot) and website exclusive vehicles, has the monster truck, monkey bike etc, where as the free rider 2 track mill site has skateboard and scooter. I want to make it possible for people to use these vehicles as well, so I'm thinking of having a file that the vehicles are saved as that it can read (along as they are saved into the boot directory). Another thing is that you can load tracks, in a text format, like c+p from a text document. What I do is save them into word documents, so I want to make it so that it can read .txt files and read levels from them. The final thing is that I was very bored with the selection of pre-programmed backgrounds, the clouds, city etc so I want to make another type of file that it can read as a background file. If this all works well then I want to program an add-on that lets your turn your own images into backgrounds for it. I would also think it would be cool for people to make their own vehicles for them to use and share with other people. The only problem is that that would be another add-on to program and immature people would make rude vehicles and that would kind of ruin it for me and probably allot of other people. Plus the physics and the weight would be difficult and boring to program, for every type of shape and size vehicle people would make. I hope some people think this is a good idea, any advice, or links to software to make this happen would really help. I really am an utter noob when it comes to what software to use so I'm going to find out what palib is. If anyone has already done this, or is already doing this, let me know.

    i have also done a little map of the buttons;


    freerider2 controls

    up is driving
    left is lean left
    right is lean right
    down is brake
    z is turn around
    b is bail
    enter is restart


    hold a to drive
    left d pad is lean left
    right d pad is lean right
    b is to brake
    y is to turn around
    x is to bail
    select is to restart the level

    also to remove un-needed buttons

    start is pause

    to make things easier

    l and r swap vehicle as well as the button

    I have done a mck up of what i want the screens to look like, here is a link;
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    Use a DS lib called Palib.
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    Just straight up use libnds. PAlib isn't updated anymore and is sort of outdated.
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    Learn fixed point math as your game should be math heavy based on collisions alone.

    Collisions could be handled by Box2D or you could make your own by using SAT as it can handle straight and curves. Box 2D uses SAT anyways.

    Here's a SAT tutorial I made about a year ago:

    Here it is running on the DS(with source though more of a proof of concept)

    Rendering would be pretty easy with this:(SPAM! [​IMG] )
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    Jul 23, 2011
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    Let Me Know When Its Done...
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    Do you have any experience with programming or is this your first project? Maybe start with something smaller?
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    Aug 4, 2011
    this is my first, i have never even tried to code before, i bought a book on how to program java a year ago, read a few pages, tried to test it out and found out it was very very old (it was second hand) I have a fealing that it is a bit of a bad idea to jump in at the deepish end, but i think i will be ok with it, i might try programming some basic stuff first, or program a few diferent games using the different types of coding i need to do the game, so i know how they work first.