Forcing a PAL Wii into true NTSC?

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    I have recently gotten hold of an old Hitachi CCTV monitor which has s-video and composite inputs (BNC).

    The quality of the picture is surprisingly sharp for composite, and the geometry is also excellent and built in speaker is a bonus. The manual says NTSC is supported.

    However after connecting my PAL Wii via composite and loading emulators playing NTSC roms, the picture is in black and white. I’m going to assume this is because the signal is actually PAL60, and not true NTSC. PAL roms display in colour.

    If I load an NTSC GameCube game through Nintendont while forcing NTSC in the settings, the game shows colour proving that PAL Wii’s can output a true NTSC signal.

    The same thing happens when I connect my modified PAL Psone. NTSC backups only display in black and white.

    I was wondering if there is a way to make the PAL Wii output in real NTSC all the time so that the emulators can be displayed on my monitor properly? Otherwise I’m considering importing an NTSC Wii to replace it...

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    You can use AnyRegionChanger (or manually edit the setting.txt in internal storage with an appropriate PC software) to change the console's video output format

    Remember S-video is only available if that option is set to NTSC, viceversa for RGB