1. Yes.

  2. No, I restored my previous nand backup.

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  3. No, and I don't have a nand backup.

  4. No, I'm going to leave it like that.

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  5. No, I will not try to do it.

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  6. No, it's really hard to follow.

  7. No, other

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  1. Maritoguionyo

    OP Maritoguionyo Newbie

    Mar 13, 2018
    United States
    For 3DS :P
    (Only if you have installed the DSI System settings and used the Data Management by accident lol)
    (Warning: I will recommend to Backup your nand before doing this).

    If your TWL apps (DSIWare) or NDS games don't longer boot and the Firm method didn't work, then this might help you a lot (If you don't want to restore an older Nand Backup).

    First you will need to reinstall everything (Inlcuding the Firm, DS Whitelist, and TWL System Apps [Like the Wifi settings for NDS games] {Games Included[DSIWare]} or you could delete them first from the System settings in DSIWare Data Management (I will prefer to do that first), by the way you can backup the games saves if you want manually).
    (You can get this cias with 3DNUS (...) or from a previous Nand Backup [Look for a Tutorial on how to do that]).

    Now after you already reinstalled everything, test if your nds games or dsiware boots.
    If they still don't want to boot then you might need to use FBI to look for any 'DSIWare waste apps.'
    Now go to Titles and wait for them to load.
    now do D-pad up to go to the bottom of the list.
    now look for them (They are purple and don't have any name, only the ID from the app, but don't delete the following (Old3DS[i'm not sure for new3ds]) 0004800F484E4841, and 0004800F484E4C41).
    It only needs to be 2 purple without name, if there is more that are not the ones I just mention then click on them and on Delete Title And Ticket.

    If it still didn't work, then try to restore a previous backup where TWL last worked.

    Edit: Typos and Extra stuff
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  2. theoldmototoad50
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    May 25, 2020
  3. theoldmototoad50

    theoldmototoad50 Advanced Member

    Feb 29, 2020
    United Kingdom
    For some reason on mine there is no Data Management option, strange.
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