Fire Emblem Fates Hate Thread

Discussion in '3DS - Games & Content' started by Seliph, May 6, 2017.

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    I think Fire Emblem Fates is an abomination that needs to be wiped off the face of the earth.
    • Good soundtrack.
    • The "choose your path" idea was neat but bad in execution.
    • Some enjoyable characters.
    • Looks great for a 3DS game.
    • My castle is a really cool idea.
    • Ninjas and shurikens/daggers are rad.
    • Two range healing staves are really cool.
    • Some cool new classes with really neat designs.
    • A lot of weapons look cool.
    • S weapon ranks return after being oddly absent from Awakening (not that it does you much good because S rank weapons have awful debuffs).
    • Awful plot all around.
    • Birthright is too easy.
    • Revelation has some the worst level design I've ever seen.
    • Anthony.
    • If you want every path you have to pay $90-ish dollars.
    • All of the paths could have easily been combined into a single cartridge, instead they chose to make you pay for each path.
    • Waifus.
    • Fanservice and Weaboo pandering (I.E marriage, face touching, hot springs, anime tropes, over-sexualized female units, etc...)
    • Awful debuffs on weapons. Due to all of the weapons being unbreakable, Intelligent Systems had the brilliant idea to put horrible debuffs on weapons that would lower your stats after you use them. This made most weapons utterly useless and the only good weapons are forged iron weapons. I wish unbreakable weapons were handled like they are in S.O.V.
    • Corrin is an idiot.
    • Villains had horribly wasted potential, Garon could have been so much better.
    • Character roster is too big and filled with useless and boring characters (Hayato, Yukimura, Orochi, Hinoka)
    • Many support conversations are bland.
    • Xander is great in support conversations but his character completely changes for the worst and totally contradicts his ideals and is generally really shitty in Birthright and conquest.
    • You can marry your cousin.
    • Child units were awfully shoehorned in.
    • Magic sucks.
    • Everyone loves Corrin to a sickening degree.
    • The "we can't talk about Valla or we'll die" plot device.
    • The translation is really awkward.
    That's about all I can think of right now. Fates is such a mound of wasted potential and I'm so glad Shadows of Valentia isn't following in its footsteps.
    Got anything to add? Additions would be appreciated.
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    I can appreciate the fact you gave Fates its due credit. Always nice to see people seeing the good instead of just listing things they disliked.
    Not really much I can add here though, seems you're nailed it!
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    Dec 19, 2014
    I wouldn't have been surprised if this thread was made by @LittleFlame. Completely agree tho, enjoyed Awakening much more.
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  4. Stephano

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    I agree with pretty much everything you said. It was painful for me to play this game. Like really painful. Personally Fire Emblem 7, 8, and even 6 to some extent, will always be my favorites.
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  5. kikongokiller

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    I personally found it to be more interesting than Awakening but I've only started playing it last night, gonna have to play a bit more before I can decide whether or not it's bad.