Fire Emblem Fates Custom DLC

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    Apr 30, 2016
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    Hello All!
    I installed the .cia for the Fire Emblem Fates Custom DLC, but it deleted my normal DLC+paths. As a result, I can only get the DLC characters on my birthright path, not revelations or conquest. If I reinstall the normal paths+DLC, will I be able to get the characters on the other saves? If not, what should I do?
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    Save yourself a headache and just install the Special Edition CIA and move your saves to it using JKSM.

    For the DLC, if you decide to install the Special Edition, installing a Custom DLC CIA will delete any DLC you have installed as you've noticed because the Custom DLC uses the same title ID as the actual DLC and so it overrides it. Install the CIA, get the characters, reinstall normal DLC (this is for if you have the SE version installed).

    For if you don't want to install the SE version, here's what you could do: Find the FEFTwiddler thread by Soaprman, find my name in the first post and download the latest version of my Custom DLC version of FEFTwiddler. Install the Custom DLC and get the characters on your Birthright copy, extract your Birthright save using JKSM, open it up in FEFTwidder, and export the Custom DLC units. To get the characters in another save file, open up your other save files for Revelation and Conquest and import the Custom DLC characters you exported from your Birthright save. This will work because you have the Custom DLC installed and the characters in the Custom DLC have their data stored in your extra data. Save your changes in FEFTwiddler, then import your save. You can then delete any Custom DLC CIAs you have installed and reinstall any normal DLC you had.