ROM Hack Fire Emblem: Awakening Custom Chapter - Fall of the Mad King


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Jul 29, 2016
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Adds in an entirely new DLC style chapter for you to play in Fire Emblem: Awakening that is a "what if" scenario for the end of the Plegia/Gangrel arc. This takes place in an alternate ending where the death of Gangrel wasn't so abrupt, and the war continued for a few more chapters. Consider this an alternate Endgame kind of chapter. All of the units in it are prebuilt.

  • Units select quotes (Like in the endgame of SoV)
  • Unit voice select quotes (Like in modern FE games)
  • Paired up enemies
  • New weapons
  • Unique map mechanics including objective protecting and stairs that move your units.
  • Mediocre writing/dialogue


Once installed, follow the following instructions in order to play it:
  • Create a new game (preferably on hard mode as that is what this was made for)
  • Beat the premonition
  • And that should take you to the new chapter
Install instructions:
Place the romfs folder into the title id folder for Awakening (00040000000A0500). Works on Citra and Luma3ds

  • Phives for writing some dialogue for me.
  • missNowi, Phives, Mathcat, AutismoGizmo, and PPPPP270 for playtesting.
  • thane98 for making Paragon and Exalt tools.
  • The 3DSFE romhacking community for their knowledge and assistance.

DL Link: Fall of the Mad King


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