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Apr 11, 2011
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Posting this as I didn't not see it in but a few locations, and not here on GBAtemp yet (that I could find), Reggie said in a press conference after the vid presentations at E3, that Fire Emblem 3D IS not going to be kept from the west, even though it was not mentioned in the vid part of those presentations. In other words it IS coming west. ( PSYCH - got ya' to read it though didn't I?) Bet ya thought it was going to say it was NOT coming over... such is the power of

Seriously though ... No details were given on the exact date it will head west yet, although it was mentinoed that it is still selling 'like wild fire' in Japan.

I don't know why they underplay a game like that so much here in the west. In a dry spell like we are (periodically having) this would spur sales even more I have to believe.

It's the only real news I was hoping for from the E3 con.

Thanks N... now lets get Advance Wars and I'll be set for this handheld They had better make good use of this spot pass, as it seems custom made for a game like these. Imagine...Cameo appearances of high level characters to be used once, like a potion in a jam..., and ya' get that 'gift' through spotpass? can you see it? Or even the token gear exchanges through spotpass.
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