Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Action Replay Equipment/Material codes

Discussion in 'NDS - Emulation and Homebrew' started by Xenomic, Dec 4, 2012.

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    I apologize if I'm asking something I shouldn't (it's probably SOMEWHERE on the site, but where I wouldn't even know, since the Search function doesn't exactly work 100% for finding specific thing sometimes...). I have seen some Action Replay codes for this game, but would there happen to be any that actually gives specific pieces of equipment/materials? The reason I ask this is because I am trying to get images from the game for the Final Fantasy Wikia, and as of right now, it is well...rather cumbersome to say the least, especially for this game in particular (Echoes of Time was much easier to get images for...).

    So if anyone can help out on this, that would be great. I'd be much obliged. ^^;;

    Yes, I've already beaten the game legit and all that, so this is only to get images at a much faster pace for equipment/materials (as well as equipment/material descriptions). Dunno if it's possible to make the codes work in Multiplay AND Story at the same time, or if it'll only work in one or the other...

    EDIT (Unless that is, someone knows where to find the models for equipment/characters/etc. from both this game and Echoes of Time? That'd be even better if it were possible...though doubt anyone's ripped them. I'd like to, but this computer probably wouldn't like that too much...).
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    Such a thread would probably be better suited to the hacking section ( ) but that is neither here nor there really.

    I have no AR codes or even much of a desire to scan through the AR databases right now (by the way you do not have to justify yourself in the slightest as to why you might want them).

    I pulled the game apart and most of the files seemed to be buried (seemingly uncompressed in the "coolres.bin" file, it seems to be a non trivial packing format (usually it is a list of filenames and locations for them but not here) and not a lot of information is available on it other than "it exists and can be searched for text".

    My tile editor revealed a whole bunch of stuff* and searching for magic stamps of 3d models** revealed more of that. A basic ASCII/ANSI strings search dumped item names and text***
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    **so far I only bothered to extract a handful of files but they did not play well with any tools I have that can do anything with the NSBMD format. There does seem to be a handful of external files acting as textures which did play a bit nicer with the tools I have around here.

    0x000CAB9C	0x00000007	Diamond
    0x000CABBC	0x0000000D	Diamond Shard
    0x000CABDC	0x00000005	Dummy
    0x000CABFC	0x00000005	Dummy
    0x000CAC1C	0x00000005	Dummy
    0x000CAC3C	0x00000005	Dummy
    0x000CAC5C	0x00000005	Dummy
    0x000CAC7C	0x00000005	Dummy
    0x000CAC9C	0x00000005	Dummy
    0x000CACBC	0x0000000E	Yellow Feather
    0x000CACDC	0x0000000B	Tree Branch
    0x000CACFC	0x0000000A	Oak Branch
    0x000CAD1C	0x0000000A	Yew Branch
    0x000CAD3C	0x00000005	Steel
    0x000CAD5C	0x00000004	Silk
    0x000CAD7C	0x00000007	Leather
    0x000CAD9C	0x00000009	Fine Silk
    0x000CADBC	0x0000000C	Fine Leather
    0x000CADDC	0x00000009	Iron Silk
    0x000CADFC	0x0000000C	Mythril Silk
    0x000CAE1C	0x0000000B	Ultima Silk
    0x000CAE3C	0x00000005	Dummy
    0x000CAE5C	0x0000000B	Seraph Dust
    0x000CAE7C	0x0000000B	Sulfur Dust
    0x000CAE9C	0x0000000B	Dragon Dust
    0x000CAEBC	0x00000007	Zu Dust
    0x000CAEDC	0x0000000D	Behemoth Dust
    0x000CAEFC	0x00000005	Dummy
    0x000CAF1C	0x00000005	Dummy
    0x000CAF3C	0x00000005	Dummy
    0x000CAF5C	0x00000009	Red Stone
    0x000CAF7C	0x0000000A	Blue Stone
    0x000CAF9C	0x0000000C	Yellow Stone
    0x000CAFBC	0x00000007	Red Orb
    0x000CAFDC	0x00000008	Blue Orb
    0x000CAFFC	0x0000000A	Yellow Orb
    0x000CB01C	0x00000009	Green Orb
    0x000CB03C	0x00000008	Dark Orb
    0x000CB05C	0x00000008	Holy Orb
    0x000CB07C	0x0000000C	Moogle Plant
    0x000CB09C	0x00000009	Old Sword
    0x000CB0BC	0x0000000C	Phoenix Down
    0x000CB0DC	0x00000005	Dummy
    0x000CB0FC	0x00000005	Dummy
    0x000CB11C	0x0000000C	Red Fay Dust
    0x000CB13C	0x0000000D	Blue Fay Dust
    0x000CB15C	0x0000000F	Yellow Fay Dust
    0x000CB17C	0x0000000E	Green Fay Dust
    0x000CB19C	0x00000009	Dark Dust
    0x000CB1BC	0x0000000A	White Dust
    0x000CB1DC	0x00000005	Dummy
    0x000CB1FC	0x00000005	Dummy
    0x000CB21C	0x00000005	Dummy
    0x0016B91C	0x00000023	A gem imbued with fire magic. Burns
    0x0016B940	0x00000022	foes, gradually reducing their HP.
    0x0016B99C	0x0000001C	A gem imbued with ice magic.
    0x0016B9B9	0x0000002A	Freezes foes, briefly preventing movement.
    0x0016BA1C	0x00000022	A gem imbued with lightning magic.
    0x0016BA3F	0x00000028	Jolts foes, temporarily paralyzing them.
    0x0016BA9C	0x00000020	A gem imbued with healing magic.
    0x0016BABD	0x0000000C	Restores HP.
    0x0016BB1C	0x00000022	A gem imbued with cleansing magic.
    0x0016BB3F	0x00000025	Removes status ailments; restores SP.
    0x0016BB9C	0x00000025	A gem imbued with revitalizing magic.
    0x0016BBC2	0x00000021	Revives allies who are out of HP.
    0x0016BC1C	0x00000026	A stone resulting from failed alchemy.
    0x0016BC43	0x00000019	May harbor hidden powers.
    0x0016BC9C	0x00000017	Medicine to restore HP.
    0x0016BCB4	0x00000018	Doesn't taste very good.
    0x0016BD1C	0x00000017	Medicine to restore SP.
    0x0016BD34	0x00000016	Doesn't taste too bad.
    0x0016BD9C	0x0000001B	A spherical cob packed with
    0x0016BDB8	0x0000001A	rows of corn. Restores HP.
    0x0016BE1C	0x0000001D	An apple covered with red and
    0x0016BE3A	0x0000001A	yellow lines. Restores SP.
    0x0016BE9C	0x0000001F	Bell-shaped fruit known for its
    0x0016BEBC	0x0000001B	pleasant tone. Restores SP.
    0x0016BF1C	0x00000015	Multicolored fruit of
    0x0016BF32	0x00000016	the vine. Restores SP.
    0x0016BF9C	0x0000001B	An orange root with a five-
    0x0016BFB8	0x0000001D	pointed profile. Restores HP.
    0x0016C01C	0x0000001A	Fruit of the earth with an
    0x0016C037	0x0000001D	hourglass shape. Restores HP.
    0x0016C09C	0x00000029	Tailfeather of the legendary rising bird.
    0x0016C0C6	0x00000026	Restores a character to fighting form.
    0x0016C11C	0x00000012	Raises maximum HP.
    0x0016C19C	0x00000012	Raises maximum SP.
    0x0016C21C	0x00000017	Raises offensive power.
    0x0016C29C	0x00000017	Raises defensive power.
    0x0016C31C	0x00000015	Raises casting power.
    0x0016C39C	0x00000029	Increases maximum fire magicite capacity.
    0x0016C41C	0x0000002D	Increases maximum blizzard magicite capacity.
    0x0016C49C	0x0000002C	Increases maximum thunder magicite capacity.
    0x0016C51C	0x00000029	Increases maximum cure magicite capacity.
    0x0016C59C	0x0000002A	Increases maximum clear magicite capacity.
    0x0016C61C	0x0000002A	Increases maximum raise magicite capacity.
    0x0016C69C	0x00000022	Increases maximum potion capacity.
    0x0016C71C	0x00000021	Increases maximum ether capacity.
    0x0016C79C	0x00000005	dummy
    0x0016C81C	0x00000005	dummy
    0x0016C89C	0x0000001D	Design for a practice weapon.
    0x0016C8BA	0x0000000F	For all tribes.
    0x0016C91C	0x0000001F	Design for a beginner's weapon.
    0x0016C93C	0x0000000F	For all tribes.
    0x0016C99C	0x0000002F	Design for a kid's weapon. Suitable for adults,
    0x0016C9CC	0x0000002E	though not very useful. For Yukes and Lilties.
    0x0016CA1C	0x00000021	Design for a sturdy metal weapon.
    0x0016CA3E	0x00000022	For Clavats, Selkies, and Lilties.
    0x0016CA9C	0x00000021	Design for a refined iron weapon.
    0x0016CABE	0x00000022	For Clavats, Selkies, and Lilties.
    0x0016CB1C	0x00000024	Design for a weapon with more polish
    0x0016CB41	0x00000022	than power. For Yukes and Lilties.
    0x0016CB9C	0x00000028	Design for a tenacious fighter's weapon.
    0x0016CBC5	0x0000000F	For all tribes.
    0x0016CC1C	0x00000029	Design for a weapon imbued with the power
    0x0016CC46	0x00000029	of fire. For Clavats, Selkies, and Yukes.
    0x0016CC9C	0x0000001F	Design for a weapon imbued with
    0x0016CCBC	0x00000021	the power of ice. For all tribes.
    0x0016CD1C	0x00000029	Design for a weapon imbued with the power
    0x0016CD46	0x00000024	of thunder. For Clavats and Lilties.
    0x0016CD9C	0x0000002C	Design for a weapon that instills bravery in
    0x0016CDC9	0x0000002D	its wielder. For Clavats, Selkies, and Yukes.
    0x0016CE1C	0x00000029	Design for a weapon imbued with the power
    0x0016CE46	0x0000002A	of magic. For Selkies, Yukes, and Lilties.
    0x0016CE9C	0x00000022	Design for a royal weapon bestowed
    0x0016CEBF	0x00000025	upon heroes. For Clavats and Selkies.
    0x0016CF1C	0x00000028	Formula for a holy weapon used by winged
    0x0016CF45	0x0000002C	messengers. For Selkies, Yukes, and Lilties.
    0x0016CF9C	0x0000002B	Blueprint for a secret tribal weapon worthy
    0x0016CFC8	0x0000002E	of a warrior. For Clavats, Selkies, and Yukes.
    0x0016D01C	0x00000024	Design for a weapon crafted from the
    0x0016D041	0x00000027	finest silver. For Selkies and Lilties.
    0x0016D09C	0x00000024	Design for a weapon crafted from the
    0x0016D0C1	0x0000001F	finest mythril. For all tribes.
    0x0016D11C	0x00000029	Design for a weapon engraved with unusual
    0x0016D146	0x00000021	lettering. For Clavats and Yukes.
    0x0016D19C	0x00000024	Design for a dark weapon imbued with
    0x0016D1C1	0x00000021	an ominous power. For all tribes.
    0x0016D21C	0x00000024	Formula for a divine weapon dictated
    0x0016D241	0x00000023	by a heavenly hero. For all tribes.
    0x0016D29C	0x0000002A	Formula for a weapon born of blood, sweat,
    0x0016D2C7	0x0000002D	and tears. For Clavats, Selkies, and Lilties.
    0x0016D31C	0x0000002B	Instructions for a handy weapon able to cut
    0x0016D348	0x0000002C	through air itself. For Clavats and Selkies.
    0x0016D39C	0x00000029	Design for a weapon crafted from a cosmic
    0x0016D3C6	0x00000029	gift of meteorite. For Yukes and Lilties.
    0x0016D41C	0x00000025	Design for a royal weapon bestowed to
    0x0016D442	0x00000027	loyal knights. For Clavats and Selkies.
    0x0016D49C	0x00000020	Formula for a weapon made by sun
    0x0016D4BD	0x00000023	worshippers. For Yukes and Lilties.
    0x0016D51C	0x0000001E	Design for a weapon bequeathed
    0x0016D53B	0x0000001F	by aristocrats. For all tribes.
    0x0016D59C	0x00000029	Formula for a platinum weapon imbued with
    0x0016D5C6	0x0000002E	sacred power. For Selkies, Yukes, and Lilties.
    0x0016D61C	0x0000002C	Design for a legendary weapon inscribed with
    0x0016D649	0x0000002C	chronicles. For Clavats, Selkies, and Yukes.
    0x0016D69C	0x00000027	Pattern for a weapon made from a 1,000-
    0x0016D6C4	0x0000002F	year-old tree. For Selkies, Yukes, and Lilties.
    0x0016D71C	0x0000002C	Formula for a weapon hidden by a dragon king
    0x0016D749	0x0000002D	in a crater. For Clavats, Selkies, and Yukes.
    0x0016D79C	0x00000022	Design for a chilly weapon cloaked
    0x0016D7BF	0x0000001E	in ice. For Clavats and Yukes.
    0x0016D81C	0x00000023	Design for a shimmering weapon made
    0x0016D840	0x00000029	of gold. For Clavats, Yukes, and Lilties.
    0x0016D89C	0x00000025	Design for a special weapon carefully
    0x0016D8C2	0x00000026	crafted from crystals. For all tribes.
    0x0016D91C	0x00000029	Design for a weapon engraved with ancient
    0x0016D946	0x0000002C	scriptures. For Clavats, Yukes, and Lilties.
    0x0016D99C	0x0000002E	Blueprint for a weapon handed down by masters 
    0x0016D9CB	0x0000002F	to the east. For Clavats, Selkies, and Lilties.
    0x0016DA1C	0x0000001F	Pattern for an ill-fated weapon
    0x0016DA3C	0x00000023	used by berserkers. For all tribes.
    0x0016DA9C	0x00000022	Formula for a wicked weapon prized
    0x0016DABF	0x00000027	by barbarous overlords. For all tribes.
    0x0016DB1C	0x00000028	Formula for a weapon owned by a king who
    0x0016DB45	0x0000002C	ruled by the sword. For Clavats and Lilties.
    0x0016DB9C	0x0000002B	Pattern for a weapon containing a ferocious
    0x0016DBC8	0x00000027	force. For Selkies, Yukes, and Lilties.
    0x0016DC1C	0x0000002A	Pattern for the weapon used by the king of
    0x0016DC47	0x0000002F	the gods in the final battle. For Clavats only.
    0x0016DC9C	0x00000028	Encyclopedia of Weaponry, vol. 1, sketch
    0x0016DCC5	0x00000028	of the purr-fect weapon. For Yukes only.
    0x0016DD1C	0x0000002D	Design for an absolutely amazing ladle that's
    0x0016DD4A	0x0000002D	an alchemist's dream. For Lilties, naturally.
    0x0016DD9C	0x0000002F	Instruction booklet for a weapon. It has a cute
    0x0016DDCC	0x0000002B	yellow bird on the cover. For Selkies only.
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    Yeah....I didn't know which section to honestly put it in. My bad. ^^;; Also, didn't know if I had to list any reasons or not, so that's why I did. ^^;; getting the actual models is going to be harder than it seems eh? x_x;;
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