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    Oct 2, 2007
    Hey guys, I've done some searching but found nothing and figured I'd ask to see if someone knows something I don't about this.

    Wii 4.0U - Homebrew Channel - Wiikey
    2GB SD Card
    4GB SDHC Card

    FTPii doesn't recognize the SDHC card, so I can't ftp files to it.
    I have no current way to connect the SDHC card to my PC (Bought it alone for my Wii)

    Is there a way to get files onto the SDHC Card, the 2GB SD card has my apps on it, and would like them on the SDHC card.
    But can't seem to find a way to move files around, is there a wad or channel out there somewhere that would allow me to
    move files from a Disc or USB device to the SDHC card? Or even a way to move them from the SD Card to my Wii memory, then to the SDHC card?

    Thanks in advance!