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    Dec 6, 2006
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    Hey all. I have a few questions. I've been gone from the Wii modding scene for like 5 years but came bck to turn my wii into a retro gaming console basically

    1) I have Nintendont set-up to emulate GC/Wii backups. How do I download cover art for my games (I only have GC backups at the moment but they all have a question mark on the cover)? I'm using USB Loader GX

    Answer - Press 1 on the wii remote to download covers

    2) Regarding saving, is the general consensus is that you have to completely exit to the Wii home screen for the game you're playing to actually save (Ie if I'm playing any particular game on any emulator, after the game saves, I need to hit the home button (in my case as I'm using the class pro for all of my gaming) for the save to take effect?

    Answer - I saved a game and turned the console off via the power button on the console. Save was still there. I'll probably still go back to the loader menu via the home button just in case before turning the console off.

    3) From what I'm reading, the best/most compatible PSX/PS1 emulator is the WiiSXR?

    Answer - Yup

    4) Once I've installed a forwarder for any particular channel, am I free to delete the forwarder folder from my SD card (from the apps folder)?

    Answer - Yup since it's installed on the wii itself at that point

    5) Ummm... is connecting a Wii via HDMI (component to hdmi adapter?) a thing?

    Answer - adapters exist but picture quality won't improve

    6) Hi
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