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  1. gambit420

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    Jan 5, 2007
    In general i dont mind game reviews, but in the past ign is disappointing me more and more in reviewing nintendo games (those fucks gave the vc fzero x a seven [​IMG] ). Does anybody knows a good site which got all famitsu scores? thx
  2. 4ppleseed

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    Mar 27, 2007
    Famitsu is extremely bias to whoever is paying for the full page adverts what week. It's very up front with Japanese developer news but I'd take its reviews with a pinch of Wasabi [​IMG]
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    Agree with you there. I've noticed a lot of reviewers (like IGN) are biased nowadays due to whoever is doing the adverts.

    Personally if its a Wii title (as at the moment its the only unchipped console I have) I usually judge the games quality on what people say its like here or the collect score on Gamestats.com as that does collect other reviews as well as the main ones. Had I listened to the main reviews I'd never have gotten into Excite Truck.