FamiStudio Version 2.3.0 release

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FamiStudio Version 2.3.0 has been released.
FamiStudio is very simple music editor for the Nintendo Entertainment System or Famicom.
It is designed to be easier to use than FamiTracker, but its feature set is also much more limited.
It is targeted at both chiptune artists and NES homebrewers.
Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • [*]Modern DAW-style UI with sequencer and piano roll, no hexadecimal anywhere
    [*]Instrument & Envelope edition
    [*]NSF import
    [*]Full Undo/Redo support
    [*]Copy & Paste support
    [*]Note drag & drop with audio preview
    [*]Import from FamiTracker FTM & Text (official 0.4.6)
    [*]Export to various formats (WAV, ROM, NSF, FamiTone2, FamiStudio Text, FamiTracker Text)
    [*]Volume, fine pitch, vibrato effect tracks
    [*]Slide notes (portamento)
    [*]NES sound engine (CA65, NESASM, ASM6)
    [*]MIDI input support
    [*]Audio expansions supported: VRC6, VRC7, FDS, MMC5, Namco 163 & Sunsoft S5B.
    [*]Windows, MacOS and Linux versions.
    [*]MP3 export
    [*]Video export
    [*]Song merge functionality
    [*]Duty cycle effect track support (equivalent of Vxx in FamiTracker)
    [*]Special paste improvements (repeat, effects, etc.)
    [*]Special delete
    [*]Copy patterns to different channels in sequencer
    [*]Option to display note labels in piano roll
    [*]FamiTracker tempo improvements (delayed notes, cuts, fixes).
    [*]Added support for Cxx (Halt) FamiTracker effect.
    [*]Option to export each channel to a seperate WAV/MP3 file.
    [*]Small DPCM improvements (Drag & drop, bit reverse option)
    [*]Small tempo improvements
    [*]Sound engine code size reduction

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I've been tinkering with FL Studio since it was called Fruity Loops, so this is something that appeals to me.

I especially enjoy the fact that their Downloads come in Windows Portable and Linux versions; Linux is the ultimate destination to get the best out of all my older Windows Laptops so this will definitely be something to include there.

As for Windows Portable Applications, for someone who has to reinstall Windows at least once annually, this is the best solution and most of my daily driver Applications are Portable versions.
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