FAMICOMPO PICO 2015 (started 1st Nov)

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    Nov 5, 2015
    FAMICOMPO PICO 2015 (starts nov 1st)

    FAMICOMPO PICO is back with a vengeance!
    Theres a video of introduction for it here;

    What is Famicompo??

    Famicompo is a nes-based music compeition with has gone through several iterations (famicompo, then famicompo mini vol 1 - 10, and now pico), with some historic entrants and entries. Perhaps you can form a part of nes music history!
    It started at bit earlier this year, on 1st November 2015 and ends 30th November 2015 (23:59 GMT - dont leave it too late!)

    There are 4 categories that you can enter into;

    ORIGINAL - will all expansions permitted (including multiple), so long as its exports to NSF and is an original work.
    COVER - same deal as above, but for producing covers instead! You can cover anything, though don't get mad if your John Cage cover doesn't get much appreciation..

    Last year the FREESTYLE format was introduced, and this year has been split into

    FREESTYLE ORIGINAL - you can see where this is going right? Original works, which include the 2a03 somewhere obvious (real or simulated), and then after that its up to you! Use whatever DAWS, chips, trackers, fx, asm, w/e you like - submit as MP3 format.
    FREESTYLE COVER - same as above, for covers - MP3.

    Some asides;
    - all entries need to be unreleased anywhere else, including in previous compos. Uploading your entries onto other places after results are out is fine of course.
    - [DARK CREDO] After posting, keep traces of you making the song concealed until results are posted. We encourage you not to advertise publicly that you made so-and-so song, especially in a manner that shouts "OH HAY I MADE ENTRY NO. XX"
    - re supernsf, overclocking and filesize - permitted, permitted and not capped respectively, but entirely at your own risk and at the mercy of voters (and their means of replaying back nsf files). Not really an issue in freestyle categories though!

    Come say hello on IRC at #fcpico15 on espernet for further questions, hype, streams and the like!
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