1. Asterable

    OP Asterable Newbie

    Sep 8, 2018
    United States
    Hey guys, I wanted to know if there was any projects/resources for making a new cartridge shell for the EZ Flash Omega.

    Mine works fine,
    when it's seated correctly in my Gameboy, that is.

    I have been thinking about modding a normal GBA cart shell to fit the circuit board, but I didn't want to start yet.
    Anyone got anything?

    Thanks in ADVANCE.
  2. DeadSkullzJr

    DeadSkullzJr Developer

    Sep 28, 2017
    United States
    The shell the flashcart comes with is sturdy as is, I have a couple of them and both seem to fit just fine. No the shell isn't as high quality as the GBA shells Nintendo used on their cartridges but it's not bad either, based on my experience with the shell, you'd have to purposely bend it for it to break, it's evident you aren't supposed to bend carts either. So for me as long as it's fit, it's alright with me. Also take into consideration that the PCB of the flashcart has chips on both sides of the board, that can cause some issues, however the more you use the cartridge the better it gets, sometimes things need to be worn in. Stuff like this isn't worth destroying retail titles for, not even if it was a shovelware title. I've seen people do modifications like this, the end result is exposed chips through the plastic shell, that's not good to do, wearing the top of the chip out and exposing it out in the open like that is a good way to destroy the chip, because I am very sure you pack that cart in a bag or something, you definitely remove it too when you go to add a game to the SD card as well.
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