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    I just got a card too and have gotten to grips with it so I can help you if needed.

    This tutorial is outdated but you can still take the general ideas from it - just remember it is not for your version of the HW if you have the MicroSD version. Don't bother with recommended fw versions etc listed here, I'm not even sure if they would work or not.
    What firmware did you ship with? Anything above 1.76 should be good enough really, judging from the release notes.

    Another thing to note is that some games won't work without forcing a hard reset on load.
    If they don't work (for example super mario advance 3 yoshi's island) then you can try holding L while launching them to force a hard reset and get them to run.

    To copy a game to nor, press select while highlighting it. Then wait...

    Press b to go up a level to see the items stored in NOR.
    If you want to remove something from NOR (you have to do this manually) then highlight it and press select.
    To completely format the NOR, press start.

    If you could test Mother 3 for me, that would be great (and also a good test for if you NOR is working), see here for instructions:

    Any questions, just ask although I only got one last week and haven't really bothered looking about the reset and sleep patch stuff yet.
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    What Roms are supported? I know GBA is supported...

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    hi all,

    I'm hoping for your support.

    I have the ez-flash iv for my GBA SP and wanted to do a firmware upgrade.

    Unfortunately it doesn't work with - "Hold R and Power On". The screen stays black.
    Also other firmware is not possible.
    SD cards of the size 2 GB- 64 GB were tested. The Roms start without problems.

    Do you have any advice?

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    is your card the "older" white version (mini SD)?
    if it is you might want to try another card that is not HC (2GB or less)
    are ya sure the file is correctly in the sd card including the name and card formatting?
    i have the white version myself, If i recall correctly i can only update the firmware with a non HC card and its very picky on the sd cards..
    try the 2gb card with another version of fat (fat32 or fat16)
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    Nov 8, 2018

    Do you have this one ?

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    thanks for your feedback!

    yes exactly it is the white one. therefore the older version. i hope that not much worse is.
    I have tried it with a 2 GB SD card, unfortunately without success. Maybe I have to test another manufacturer.
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