EZ Flash IV Black Screen

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    Sep 13, 2016
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    Okay, so I goofed this morning and accidentally my EZ Flash IV. I had gotten it off Amazon roughly a week ago and its been working fine, but I went and accidentally held down R when turning it on. And it gave me an error:




    fat initial 1

    After some research around the forums I saw it was trying to update the firmware, so I formatted my memory card, put the ezfla_up.bin in the ROOT and booted it up. It loaded to 100%, I restarted and was greeted with just a black screen.
    Anyone have any idea whats up? Few other things to note, I'm using a SanDisk 32G Micro SD formatted to Fat32. Like I said, it was working for like a week prior before I gooched it by holding R... I've also tried it on other GBAs.
    Thanks in advance.
    So I updating to the latest firmware, apparently I wasn't already, and boom. She lives once again!
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