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Feb 19, 2023

Installed Atmosphere for the first time last week, loving it so far!

I was trying to export saves from NSO N64 with EdiZon to RetroArch on EmuNAND. First thing I noticed was my 100% Mario Kart 64 save from NSO, finished last week, imported fine into RetroArch but Mario Party 2, still in progress, did not.

Understood that when I created the EmuNAND last week, it took a "snapshot" of the SysNAND as it was on Feb 13th. When I went in EdiZon to export the save from EmuNAND, I expected it to export from SysNAND (why can't this be done anyway? Can't EdiZon be forced to dig in the SysNAND? ) but it exported an older save from the EmuNAND obviously (I played yesterday on untouched OFW SysNAND, I don't use NSO on CFW EmuNAND).

So, what would be the process to get the latest up-to-date save from SysNAND in this case?

I wouldn't have a problem with recreating an up-to-date EmuNAND from today but do I just format the EmuNAND partition on the SD and recreate from Hekate ? What I don't understand is that the theme config, the RetroArch folder and it's setup are all on the SD card so they shouldn't be wiped AFAIK (I could still backup) ? What would I lose ? Other than RetroArch forwarders, I haven't installed any NSP in EmuNAND, so that's all that would be wiped ? All the Homebrew are already safe in the /switch folder anyway, right (and could still be redownloaded if anything) ?

And last thing, EdiZon save as "C:\edizon\0100C9A00ECE6000 (the N64 app)\20410303_063611\saves\N-1053_e (the game itself)\cartridge.sram".
How do I know which game is which from N-1053_e and other codes ? Lol. So far I've been testing them out all one by one in Project64 haha

Thank you for the assistance :)

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