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    So, I have an US account and got the $30 card from the limited offer (buy FE: Awakening and SMT IV, get $30 as a gift). I wanted to buy a game BUT my credit card is not expedited on the US so it's rejected. I jut need 4.99 since the game I want costs 34.99, so I don't want to spend $20 buying from Maximuscards (whose paying options are crap and they all fail, btw). I made an experiment and changed my region to Canada and my credit card was accepted there (bought a $1.99 app), went back to US and my $30 are still there a way to contact Nintendo -I also have a Club Nintendo account- and ask them to transfer my US funds to the canadian eShop? there any other way to add funds? I heard soemthing about virtual credit cards, but still the same..they ask for a $20 minimal deposit and I don't know if they will be accepted at all on the US eshop.

    So, to sum things up..I want to add $4.99 to my US eShop with a non-US credit card OR transfer my funds to the canadian eShop if possible, any solutions?
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    Sandy Eggo
    Pre-paid credit cards usually start at $25 or so, yeah. And it'd cost an extra $5 to activate it. I think Nintendo requires proof of change of address, so you'd be unable to ask them for the $30 credit to go to your Canadian account. The cheapest solution (other than trying to use someone else's credit card) is to buy a $20 eShop card at Gamestop, or something equivalent.
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