eShop Error 005-5958 After Region Swap

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    I bought a used EU N3DS on firmware 9.0, replaced the SecureInfo_A and movable.sed with the ones from my 9.2 O3DS (which has my main account with all of my purchases), installed the 9.2 NA N3DS update pack on sysNAND with SysUpdater, formatted emuNAND, made a NNID, and today updated emuNAND to 10.3.

    Whenever I try to access the eShop or download updates from the HOME Menu, I get error 005-5958 after it signs in with my NNID. The Nintendo website says that it could be due to the region settings. Even after changing it to the U.S. in the System Settings (the same region setting as the NNID), I still get the error. I even deleted the EU system titles afterward, but it made no difference.

    One thing that I did notice was that the update pack did not include some optional system titles, such as StreetPass Mii Plaza, Nintendo 3DS Sound, and AR Games. I just noticed that my emuNAND is also missing the Mii Maker icon.

    If anyone knows how to fix the error, please let me know.


    I have limited computer access, so I might not be able to try out some of the suggestions right away.
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