Question emummc Partitions - Raw/Fat32 SD Setup

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    Sep 12, 2010
    I set up Emummc via Hekate, the SD consists of 2 Partitions as recommened, one for data and one 30GB for emummc. 2 questions:

    - both are formated as fat32, so both can be mounted. i know the emummc only needs a raw partition. is there any disadvange having it as fat32? i still wonder why it works at all with fat32 and why the emummc could be mounted normally. what if u put files on this fat32 emummc partition? in theory it is a virtual partition which cannot be read or am i wrong?

    - with this configuration booting sysnand on the same SD card, can i install games/apps in sysnand normally to the SD (to the Nintendo Folder)? wont it be better/possible to have 3 partitions on the SD? (One sysnand data, one data for hekate/atmosphere, one emummc)

    thx in advance
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    • FAT32 is fine
    • Yes, you can normally install games to the SD card on sysMMC. You do not have to make another partition
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