Embed Subtitles in dsm?

Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by HJ-kos, Oct 16, 2009.

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    Sep 14, 2009
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    Hi there, i got question. How do i embed subtitles into DSM file, i mean not to insert .srt\.ssa\.ass\etc file into dsm, but embedding subtitles into video stream, i think somehow i have to enable matroska splitter to use with DSM Converter (one that can install sakura), During conversion at "AudioStream demultiplexing i got this bull... ahem. [​IMG] these disappear right after moving mouse over 'em, still i can't access VobSub because it keep blinking in tray. The converter itself appears as if it is "not responding" but still works and in the end i have DSMs, without subs, i tested converter on small file and when it reached video converting stage ffdshow video decoder icon appeared in tray, there are filter to embed subs to current video stream, but ffdshow sees no subs. What to do? Converter refuses to "eat" Avisynth.