Elibian Nights

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    Elibian Nights
    Background Information
    I started this side-project a while back. Originally I called it "Archanean Nights" (title inspired by the first song in Aladdin), the goal was to re-create the BSFE games for people to play. However, the unveiling of FE3DS's downloadable chapters (BSFE chapters included) quickly ended that dream. At that point I had dropped the project entirely. Nayr, however, approached me with a new idea. He proposed I continue the spirit of the hack but rename it "Elibian Nights," creating BSFE chapters for the Elibian characters. At first I didn't particularly want to do this. However, I began to explore the idea. I came up with some ideas of my own, reconciled them with Nayr's ideas, and began working on the first tale.

    • Custom stories revolving around the characters of FE7.
    • Some new characters never before seen in Elibe.
    • Seven total chapters.
      • Eliwood's Tale: Promises (Tale 1)
      • Raven's Tale: Cornwell's Vengeance (Tale 2)
      • Lyn's Tale: Homecoming (Tale 3)
      • Pent's Tale: The Archsage's Pupil (Tale 4)
      • Hector's Tale: The Leader of Lycia (Tale 5)
      • Ilia's Tale: Pursuit (Tale 6)
      • Zephiel's Tale: Crowning (Final Tale)
      • And three gaiden tales.
    • Various other cool things.



    Currently five tales (4 main tales and one gaiden) have been completed. I am planning to release tales in a packages of two from this point onward. I hope you enjoy this hack, constructive feedback is more than welcome.


    Download v2
  2. SylvWolf

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    Sounds great! I'm always hungry for more Fire Emblem.
  3. Blazer

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    Aug 10, 2008
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    LOL so you posted it here too?

    To everyone, this hack is legit, you should play it, ESPECIALLY if you've played Fire Emblem 7.
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