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Jul 22, 2013
Promotional Video for Dweller's Empty Path

Temmie, most known for her sprite work and cameo in 2016's Undertale, has released not just a video for the game Dweller's Empty Path, but also the game itself. It's an RPGMaker game that features Game Boy-style visuals. The games features over a hundred illustrations made by Temmie, who also did some compositons. Toby Fox, who Temmie has previously worked with in Undertale, also provides some compositions for the game along with Camellia, who was in charge of the music production. The game is similar to Temmie's previous work, Escaped Chasm, in terms of visuals and gameplay. Dweller's Empty Path is also a sequel to Escaped Chasm, as mentioned in its itch.io page.
Temmie said:
This game follows after Escaped Chasm, so I recommend you play that before playing this! (Though, you don't really have to.. You'll still be able to understand everything that's going on even if you don't play it.)
Also, despite it having a different name, I still consider this to be apart of the Escaped Chasm series. I couldn't name it Escaped Chasm 2 because of the joke game I included in Escaped Chasm (1)'s file folder.

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