Question Dump roms + boxarts from Nintendo Switch Online NES

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    Jan 4, 2015
    I'm in a mood these days to create some special playlists/collections/whateveryouwannacallit in RetroArch to raise the spotlight on some specific game collections rather than dealing with those complete rom set per system playlists.

    It's an absolute first world problem/project.

    But it's fun and I want to create extra playlists for all games that are bundled on those mini consoles, so I'll be doing a SNES Mini playlist, a NES Mini playlist, TurboGrafx, C64, Sony PlayStation Classic ... I guess you see where this is going.

    However I also want to make a playlist containing the Nintendo Switch Online games and I want to make it as authentic as possible.
    That's why I want to use:
    • original roms from the Switch application, especially containing those "special versions" as well
    • boxarts from there
    Luckily enough I have a clean sysNAND and an online subscription so theoretically I could boot Atmosphère there to dump the application every months (and since new games are added frequently I would really need a way to do it myself instead of downloading some kind of umbrella package or something like that).

    So is there a way to get roms and boxarts out there?