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    Oct 2, 2010
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    The first thing is that some games dont allow me to got to real time menu for example Hotel Dusk it just resets.

    And now i have a question how can i add cheats like in the acekard i use the cheat file where do i get one and where do i put it xD

    also what does it mean Patch Mode And Clean Mode?
  2. EJames2100

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    The 1st thing, I have no idea.

    You can get the latest GBATemp official Cheat Database here:http://cheats.gbatemp.net/ (Download the USRCHEAT.DAT)
    And you put that in the _dstwo folder on your Memory Card.

    Patch Mode is when in-game you can press L, R and Start and up comes the Real Time Menu, so you can RTS, RTL, view Guides etc...
    Clean mode you use if it doesn't work in Patch Mode, it makes the DS think that it's an actual Flashcart and you don't have the in-game Menu.
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    EDIT: Nvm, I thought of something that would work. Anyways, what you can do to bring up the In-Game Menu is to change the Hot Keys that bring up the In-Game Menu. There are two types of Hot Keys. One of them is the "Full Hotkey" and the other is the "Simple Hotkey." I guess you can say that one of the Hotkeys is a backup, just in case the other Hotkey does not work. Try setting different Hotkeys (EX: R+START+SELECT).

    You can add cheats by using the USRCHEAT.DAT cheat database and copying it to the "_dstwo" folder on your Micro SD card.

    Patched Mode enables the use of the In-Game Menu and allows you to use the functions of it, such as RTS/RTL, RTG, Slow Motion, Free Cheat, and RTC.

    Clean Mode is used to bypass AP when a game does not work in Patched Mode. Running any kind of game in Clean Mode will disable the use of the In-Game Menu and other features (cannot use RTC, RTS/RTL, RTG, etc).
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    The in-game menu appears in all games AFAIK, but not necessarily in all 'parts' of the game, e.g. some games only allow touch screen input at times (or all the time), which then renders all (or at least some) button presses useless and thus you end up with the in-game menu not being able to show up either.
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    Patch and Clean mode are correct. The reset problem could be because he allocated the in-game menu buttons to the standard in-game soft reset (L+R+Start+Select?)