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    Post either here or on the forums
    i will post it on the supercard forum for people who dont wish to create and account

    In order to make DSTWO and DSONEi more perfect, SuperCard Team decided year-end summary, collect the games we did not notice before. Such as, an English version game we fixed, but didn’t fix Japanese version. We will collect problem games from play feedback, and fix them periodically. Now, welcome to report game with problem. Thanks a lot.
    Make sure you are using the newest firmware and OS of DSTOW & DSONEi.​
    Make sure the game ROM is Clean ROM without any patch.​
    Make sure DSTWO & DSONE working at default mode. (patch mode)​

    BUG Report format:
    -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------
    GAME NAME: completely Kamen Rider: Knight generations 2 (Japanese version)
    PROBLEM: White screen when enter the game. (more detail more help us to fix the problem. if halt or anti-piracy please attach SAV file.)

    CONSOLE: DSi Japanese version
    FLASHCARD : Kingston 4G Class4 Japanese version.
    -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------

    updated patch files will be released here