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Discussion in 'DSTT' started by texmex7265, Dec 6, 2008.

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    Dec 4, 2008
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    I bought a DSTT two weeks ago on dealextreme and it just arrived today. I opened the case up and it was a acutally a real one. According to this image (http://ndstt.com/en/images/new_tt_en_large.jpg) my board looked like the one on the top right. The weird thing is that the tf slot is on the left. My board doesnt look like the board in the picture with the tf slot on the left. Not only that but whenever i put in my 4gb sandisk micro sdhc in the dstt the memory card sticks out. I was looking at other pictures of the DSTT in these forums with a memory card in it and none of them had their memory cards sticking out. So I just ignored everything and put 1.16 on the memory card and put mario kart in a game folder. I turned on my ds and the screen is stuck on loading. Whenever i don't have a card in the dstt and start the ds it says no card i can assume the dstt is working. I thought maybe it was my card. But I was able to succesfully load the acekard firmware on it and start several games too. I am doing something wrong with placement of files. Or do you think mys DSTT is messed up?
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    Nov 14, 2008
    Certainly from what you said, the sd card should not stick out a lot. If yours stick out as much as half the sd, then there is something wrong. You should get them to xchange for a different one. As for the card slot and board, i would go with the pix from the main site, if it's not like that, then you can assumed it is fake. You should try the older firmware like 1.15 and see what happen.