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    OK - a bit of background

    I'm using 'DSOrganise for Sakura' on a DSTwo as a 'plugin'... & it works - That's not the problem though

    What I'd like to do is customise DSorganize to how I want it

    I've managed to:
    > 'Move' the '/fshl/' files into a '/data/' folder instead
    > Changed the 'boot screen' (the one with a white background & big button) to something similar - but in 'black'
    (although I do wish there was a way to NOT having to tap the 'Start' button to load in DSOrganise)
    > Changed (most) DSOrganise Icons to something a bit more 'professional' looking
    > I've even added a DSS shortcut to the third 'home' page to allow me to reset back to DSTwo's 'desktop'

    But my Question/Problem is -
    Is there any way I can REMOVE (or hide) the 'irc','web browser','Homebrew database' and the 2 undefined programs from the second 'home page', allowing me to have the DSTwo 'softreset' stuck on the second page instead ?? (or perhaps 'define' one of those 'undefined apps' on the #2 page to run the shortcut instead)

    I have never used, & doubt I will ever will, use any of those features mentioned above, & find it a nuisance having to scroll pass them just to 'soft reset'

    EDIT: Oh before I forget - don't bother suggesting to use 'blank' icon graphics for those programs to 'hide' them... I've already done that
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    I don't think so[there is]. We need recompiling, which isn't complete.