DSIware downgrade doubts

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    Jul 27, 2012
    So, now I have a a9hl 2ds 11.1. The first step of this guide was to make a nandmin.bin backup. But I already have a nandmin.bin backup on my files9 folder which I used to restore my 2.1 2ds to 6.0. Should I delete that file from the files9 folder before doing another nand backup now?

    Also another question, I installed steel diver hax successfully on my a9hl 2ds and then in the guide we were told to install the steel hax again but this time the version for the console to be downgraded i.e my n3ds. I chose the n3ds version and installed it again. Then I proceeded to check if the exploit is still working or not, before doing the system transfer and now it doesn't work. Is that normal? Is it because now i have a steel hax for n3ds which is incompatible with my 2ds?