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  1. mandywrecsam

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    Feb 21, 2011
    Can you please advise as to what is the best card to buy for easiest use please? what do you recommend please.
  2. RupeeClock

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    May 15, 2008
    There's plenty of information around the boards, read around.
    Good for a DSi is also good for a DSi Xl.

    My main recommendations are the Supercard DSTwo if you can afford it, Acekard 2i if not.
    Be sure to check out www.shoptemp.com, it's a helpful website.
  3. Evo.lve

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    Oct 11, 2010
    Away from you.
    Because reading the numerous sticky topics about this was so meh.
  4. airss

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    Mar 8, 2009
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    normally, the best card have powerful functions, and not easy to use,
    such as M3i ,Acekard 2i, both of them need to update before using.

    i think you are the first time to use flash carts, i will still recommend R4i for you,
    though many people don't like it, but it is very easy to use and can meet your requirement.
  5. RupeeClock

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    May 15, 2008
    Wrong, that's so wrong.
    The best card (the Supercard DSTwo) is not only powerful but very easy to use. You just install files to a microSD card and if you bought one that's unflashed, you wait a few minutes for it to flash itself and you're done.
    The M3i *requires* updating to even run which makes it a very bad cart, if you receive a broken flashing cable you have a useless flashcart.
    The acekard 2i might need to be reflashed to run on newer DSi systems, but it otherwise it can be used.
    Don't even recommend the R4i, R4 clones are almost all crap. The only exception may be the R4i Gold by R4i DSN which can use Wood R4 firmware.