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    Jan 25, 2017
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    I bought a DSi XL and a DS Lite. I paid 20 for all of it with a couple of game. The console do have some issues. The XL has a screen issue. If you look at the picture the screen looks slightly dark/dimmed. However, the screen is actually "fogged up" There are also some black spots I can live with. If i took apart the device and took off the internal screen cover, could I clean the fog off the screen? I dont know how this happened. Also, the DSi has a weird smell, almost like perfume. I tried to put the device wrapped up in newspaper in a contained with baking soda and vinegar, and I left the device overnight, but it did not help. Any way to get it out?
    The DS Lite also has some issues. The touchscreen has some residue marks and I cannot get them out? What can I do? Also, the GBA slot only works with my games if I blow into them. Is that normal?I have to blow a lot. Also, the hinge is broken. Im thinking of getting a clear shell to replace it, but would the existing hinges work with that shell? Is it just the cracked plastic or the actual hinges?

    Lastly, should I replace the shell on the DS Lite, or replace the screen on the DSi first? I just want a good device for shiny hunting.

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    May 11, 2016
    The DSI XL sounds like it's been wet - hence the fog, i don't think there is a way to remove the clouds of the screen.

    The perfume DS Lite sounds like that's had it spilt on so really the only way to solve it would be strip down the complete system and then using a new toothbrush and some polish - clean all the plastic buttons, button pads, housing shell etc (don't polish the circuit boards of course)

    The DS Lite hinges will work with the new shell.

    The residue in the touch screen could be between the digitizer and the lcd if you can't feel it on the top surface.

    With the system turned off - i find running a small fine screwdriver along the GBA slot pins is an idea way to remove any dust, they don't have delicate pins like the DS slot, which can be gently rubbed using a new nail file.
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