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    May 13, 2009
    Hello everyone,

    I have a DSi and the last time I used it was some years ago I think.
    The reason for that is, when I found it in my bedroom like a year or two ago, it wouldn't turn on.
    I researched what the problem could be, and after a long time I knew it was something with the battery or some fuses(didn't know what fuses were at that time).
    So I took my cousins battery and put it in my DSi (fully charged etc.) but my DSi still wouldn't turn on.
    So it wasn't a bad battery.
    About a month ago I replaced the battery unit board with the F2 fuse. It still wouldn't turn on at that time.
    But I thought, the problem is probably the F1 fuse. The F1 fuse should be replaced.
    After like two years now, I replaced the F1 fuse too and it still won't turn on.

    My question now is, can I still fix my DSi in one way or the other?
    Is there still a fuse hiding somewhere? Or could it be another problem?
    As the battery isn't the problem, the fuses weren't the problem and the battery unit wasn't the problem.
    The orange light is not blinking when I plug it into the wall, so it definitely recognizes the battery.
    Please, if you have any advise for me, say so.
    This would be my first Nintendo console/handheld which doesn't survive.

    Thank you.

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