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    Sorry ... I am sure these few questions have been discussed before. However, every time I tried to do a search, it says that the "administrator" has disabled this feature. I looked for awhile, but I can't find any info for these questions. Please help me out.

    DSi -
    Are there any other major changes outside -2 cameras, larger screens, smaller size, SD slot (and lack of GBA slot)?

    Is the AceKard 2i the best option for a DSi compatible flashcard?

    Is there any reason to believe Nintendo will do anything to disable the AceKard 2i on the soon to be released NA DSi? If so, would AceKard be able to fix this with a patch, or would the entire cart be useless?

    Thanks for any info you can provide me. Once again, sorry if these questions are answered elsewhere.
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    I am thinking it would be blocked. That is why i am waiting untill it as been proven that a cart work on NA DSi untill i get either a cart or a DSi.