DS2 card is a perfect choice

Discussion in 'Supercard' started by Game Dragon, Feb 23, 2011.

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    Jan 17, 2011
    My apologies to all for my negative postings about the SD2 Card, I have been trying to get retro emulators to run perfectly on PC and hand held consoles which is imposable it just can't be achieved no matter how hard I try, in most cases its good but not perfect it turning to be a big time waster I have come to the conclusion to play up to date games and consoles and not to dwell in the past with this in mind I have two chooses the PSP with V 5.03 or the DSi XL with DS2 Card, the PSP games are so big apox 1+GB compared with the DS 256MB and the games are better on the DS so I am gonging to go with the DSi XL and sell my PSP, the DS2 card is a perfect choice for the DSi XL or I might buy original games but they are so expensive even second hand ones, I will not go for the 3Ds as my eyes are crap
    If you want to play retro games get a retro machine
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    Jan 15, 2009
    finally you seen the light
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    i've been enjoying my PSP more than my DS these days. I think of late the games have been better quality but it goes back and forth. Games like Killzone and MGS are better than anything on the DS. Emulators are far better on the PSP and home brew is better quality. As fir the DSTWO it has a horrible bloated gui, the emulators, ereader and movie player are pretty much shit. Anything that the CPU is used for doesn't work well enough to enjoy. I think the DSONEi is a far better card, same compatibility but a cleaner gui and it not bloated with all kinds of useless shit. I think the Acekard is also a better pick than the DSTWO.
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    One thing to note, and note this you should, I feel that the biggest problem with the Supercard DSTWO is the CPU chip sticking out of the card underneath the sticker, mine just crapped out on me because of this, granted its an amazing cart but like you I bought mine just for emulation of SNES and GBA on my DSi which is choppy at best. I personally think and always will think that the Acecard 2i is by far the best flash cart in the business. I'd keep the psp for emulating the older consoles like GBA and SNES and just buy a Acekard 2i for ds games, just download the latest AKAIO firmware. Also to note that the Supercard DSTWO hasn't seen any solid updates to the emulators since October of last year.

    Also to note that as far as I know most emulators for as long as I have been using them work near perfectly on PC with out any problems so it could just be your PC not having enough muscle. If your PC/Lappy does have the muscle to run emulators fine then give BSNES ago its an amazing SNES emulator that was built for accuracy, believe me it's like having a snes built right into your PC/Lappy!
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    why are people always hatin on DStwo? It's not perfect, yeah, but for most games the GBA emulator is great and I have had tons of fun with it. It's especially good if you have a DSi/XL. The SNES emulator is way better than SneMul, and some games work fine enough to enjoy, even if all don't work perfectly. For GBA and SNES you can up the CPU usage which can help a lot sometimes. Also pretty much all the new NDS games work perfect on it (at least in Clean mode). The movie player is way better than moonshell with .dpg files (dpg's don't even work that well). The e-reader isn't that bad. Some people don't feel like using a bunch of money to get a PSP. I think people whine too much honestly.
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    i agree with the title. I have been using this card for only a few months but am more than impressed with it. the only thing i would add to it is Some sound effects on the menu. Other than that I am really happy with th card and think that the whiny bitches that hate on it haven't properly had a good go on it.
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    Dec 22, 2009
    I think everyone has pointed out everything I would have wanted to point out, except...
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    Are you trolling? This still doesn't make any sense. Dstwo does everything and more than what those carts minus battery life (which is ok and reasonable) and yet
    you complain and think those carts are better? That not logically at all. [​IMG]

    And nothing wrong with gui or the CPU.
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    Sep 3, 2010
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    this is one of the most idiotic things I've seen on GBAtemp
    it's like saying my SNES sucks because the PS3 is better
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    Somewhere near monkat
    except the ds and psp are in the same generation

    it's more like comparing the wii and the ps3
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    Mar 7, 2009
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    I'm just surprised it took the OP THIS long to realize emulation isn't perfect...

    and why the hell does it have to be a new thread for such a pointless topic?
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    Don't ask and just go with it...... Leads to an easier, much enjoyable time on the forums.

    Anyway, my question is why do people complain about emulation in the first place? If you want perfect play go buy the original system. I still have my N64 and SNES for Mario games and Duke Nukem and Conker's Bad Fur Day on the N64... Mixed in with a little Turok, of course. [​IMG] I've been reading up on the SC2 and while the emulation is a nice bonus. I'm in it for the sleek UI, compatibility with the newest games AND the 4 slot save. That's just intense... Now I don't have to keep erasing data to start over just to look at something... Oh and not to mention RTS (which I understand is on majority of carts..) Hopefully I can place an order this weekend. xD