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    Here is it finally... DS ROM ORGANIZER Open Preview 8. This one is a pre-release before it becomes fnal.


    BIG Change Log:

    First of all, Run the ROMupdater first, and delete the INI file located in your local folder.

    Fixed - Made all the Columns now accepting blank fields.
    Fixed - All columns in Favorites view is now accepting blank fields
    Fixed - All columns in ROM list view is now accepting blank fields
    Fixed - If somehow an unknown ROM was added, it would crash when viewing. Added a check to ignore that.
    Fixed - Popup menu was showing for the headers in Favorites.
    Fixed - The Favorites sorting was crashing. (was referring to the main tree.. my bad)
    Fixed - Favorite Color didn't get honored when the Main ROM list was loading.
    Fixed - Favorite Color didn't get honored when the Unknown ROM list was loading.
    Changed - Show Button will be disabled now during importing ROMs.
    Fixed - ".NDS" was not showing in the preview screen for custom ROM names.
    Changed - Save Game manager screen will now save the ROM information.
    Changed - When changing to the Savegame view, the items will be loaded directly, instead of using the Show Button.
    Fixed - in Loading ROMs was a typo, that caused some weird interactions.
    Added - Rename File(s). Right Click on the ROM that you would like to do. (you can select more then 1).
    It will honor the setting for the filename setting in the setup.
    it will also rename the ZIP and/or 7z file, if that one is in the same folder.
    Changed - The main layout in some sections.
    Fixed - Extract ROM file was only looking for NDS files. not ZIP or 7z Files..
    if all 3 files are available it will ONLY do 1. not all 3. The NDS first and if not there 1 of the 2 Archive files.
    Fixed - During Import, if compress File was checked with 7z compression, it was skipping the compression part.
    Updated - Screen for importing PNG/NFO files.
    Changed - Due to Country changes (like ESP and SPA are both being used now, incl some other ones).
    I added double country check. What this means is that when the program starts for the 1st time with a clean
    database, and a DAT file is downloaded, the import part will take a little bit longer. (this is just when the Whole DAT
    files get's imported. All updates after that, are fast again.
    Fixed - Missed 1 spot to check for the ESP vs SPA ROM's. ROM 3787 was running into it, and made the program Freeze up.
    Fixed - When Homebrew is imported, you will get a message that it's not a valid file for the Database. Didn't do it correctly so,
    the program will crash if Compress ROM was checked.
    Fixed - When Homebrew is imported, I was checking on some codes, inside.. seems like original games do have that
    sometimes too. so I changed it to look for the romsize itself.
    Updated - Company Names for upcoming Games
    Fixed - Homebrew NDS files caused the Db to crash completely.
    Fixed - If a Language in a ROM contained a " like Hello "my" name is then the ROM was skipped, but also there was a half entry
    in the Db. (Like Chicken Little 1170 I believe)
    Fixed - When doing custom naming for the ROMs the ".NDS" was left off, resulting in a file without extension.
    Added - Export Current View Romlist on the main screen (Right- Click). This will printout the list that is currently showing
    with all the filters. (this is NOT the same as the one that's under "stats")
    Fixed - When adding an item to the Favorites and you do not have that ROM, it was resulting in a Error when you we're trying
    to bring up the Favorites.
    Added - Some extra checks for ROM detection.
    Fixed - When CRC didn't match it was assumed that the ROM was trimmed, and got the Trimmed Flag, so it was
    showing the wrong color.
    Fixed - Images Database was getting duplicated, if you did a clear Database without clearing the images. this caused double entries
    and redownloading the images, and the program was getting confused.
    Fixed - Some language issues.
    Completed - The Stats Report. (Finally)
    Completed - Export ROMLIST with several options. All located under the "Stats" button. (Finally)
    Added - Stats option under The Tools menu bar.
    Fixed - When show cover was unchecked the image didn't disappear.
    Fixed - When show ingame cover was unchecked the image didn't disappear.
    Fixed - When Show Cover is unchecked the panel will disappear also
    Fixed - When Show ingame Cover is unchecked the panel will disappear also
    Added - Status message in the taskbar for if there are no updates available
    Removed - Old NFO viewer. (was using notepad)
    Added - Internal NFO Viewer
    Fixed - When "Delete Original File during Import" was checked it would delete all your ROMs in the Archive, if you selected Reimport Archive Folder.
    Added - During import when you select the same folder as your archive, you will get a message to select a new folder.
    Fixed - Spanish ROMs didn't get recognized, due changes in the language code. (ESP changed into SPA)
    Fixed - When a ROM wasn't found it was checking the Version of the ROM, which ended up in a runtime error, and left the program hanging in limbo.
    Now it will check the Serial and the CRC instead.
    Fixed - When 7z was used as Archiver, it was storing the filepaths in there also. That is now removed.
    Added - A 3rd view option for the Favorites. (previous one was just hiding the other rows but due to the unknown ROMs,
    it had to change)
    - Option to Remove Items from the Favorites list. (Right Click on the Item that you want to remove)
    - NEW option in the setup under Transfering to Device. "Use Game Title for unknown ROM Tansfers instead of SN"
    this will rename the file to the Device either default ie. TRN-2344-ASDF-DDE3.nds or to xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.nds
    the xxxxxx will be the Game Title name.
    - Double click on the Rom in the Unknown ROMs will bring up a menu where you can modify misc names for the ROM.
    - Added lots of table updates.
    - Included a Table checker. If the Database is not up to date, it will update that for you. (Is a 1 time only, setting will be written in the INI file)
    - Fixed Bug. where the DB not closing Properly. (this was causing the list not to load anymore)
    - Added Help File
    - Included the unrar.dll file
    - Added some new options for clearing out parts of the Database in the Setup.
    - Removed all the RAR settings completely. so only Unrar is supported.
    - Fixed The Exit option in the File menu didn't work at all...
    - MultiRarVolume Support
    - Skins
    - Favorites Completely re-written.
    - New ROMS Completely re-written.
    - Added new fields in the Favorites.
    - Added AUTOUPDATE favorites when Roms are moved from Unknown Rom to the Official ROM list. Your Favorites, will be populated with all
    the correct names and romnumbers, and the program knows where to find the ROM
    - Transfer Files Complety re-written.
    - Transfer Files should detect automaticly if it's an NDS/ZIP/7Z file. and makes it NDS on the "Device"
    - Updated Company codes for the ROMs
    - Added Option to Extract the Rom to Device directly or other folder. (Right Click on the ROM)
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    This fits more to homebrew section then here!

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    why? it's a PC Application, not a Homebrew for DS
  5. Sarvesh50

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    Jul 7, 2008
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