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    ok just thoghts of alternate gaming worlds but from the time the DS was released its always been in my head, wouldnt the DS have been the handheld N64?
    i know your all gonna be like mobile cpu vs console cpu mombo jombo but, my thoghts are, just slap a 1gb ram in the gba slot & itll be fine.

    anyway my thoughts are, what if nintendo released the DS with an external ram like they did with n64. instead of leaving us an empty slot when ds was released has a removeable 16MB ram in the gba slot, then when ds light was released instead of a blank cart they could have upped it to 32MB or 1GB.

    imagine how many more games we would have had that were on n64, & that werent released on ds because of graphical limit, also what would have been of dsi? it had 16MB of ram, would we have gotten the 3DS earlier?

    CPU = 93.5MHz (64-bit NEC VR4300)
    Co-CPU = 62.5MHz (64-bit SGI RCP)
    RAM = (4MB internal) (expandable to 8MB with Expansion Pak)
    External Storage = 32KB (Controller Pak)

    DS, Light
    CPU = 67MHz (ARM946E-S)
    Co-CPU = 33MHz (32-bit ARM7TDMI)
    RAM = 4MB (SRAM) (expandable to 8MB+ via GBA slot)
    Internal Storage = 256KB (NAND flash)
    External Storage = (possible trugh GBA alot)

    DSi, XL or LL
    CPU = 133MHz (ARM 9)
    Co-CPU = 33MHz (ARM7)
    RAM = 16MB (PSRAM)
    Internal Storage = 256MB (NAND)
    External Storage = 1MB - 4GB (SD); 2GB (SD); 32GB (SDHC)

    CPU = 2x ARM 11 @ 266 MHz. i think? [​IMG]
    GPU = DMP PICA220 @133MHz. or (PICA200) @200MHz (clocked 400MHz) i think? [​IMG]
    RAM = 128MB (FCRAM)
    Internal Storage = 2GB (NAND flash)
    External Storage = 1MB - 4GB (SD), 4GB - 32GB (SDHC), 32GB - 2TB (SDXL)

    i know looking at those specs the n64 is powerful than ds, but they have the same exact ram, so i was thinking if the ds has way more ram than n64 it would fix that, also we got mario 64 on ds, basically im saying what if nintendo or developers shipped out external rams with there games specifically the ones they wanted graphically improved like they did on n64. & how do you guys think that would have effected the future of handhelds, & the current 3ds?

    was also thinking of another alternatite future, what if nintendo never released the DSi as a handhleld, still released Dsiware, still released dsi but instead a new handheld just an add on to the DS or DS Lite, like the sega 32x or sega 3d to genesis, looking similar to the guitar hero grip for Ds but thinner, & still have the front & back faceing camera, & sd card slot, user interface , internal increased cpu & ram & everything the dsi had DSi exclusives.

    edit: couldnt that have been the safty net for the wii? al of those multiplatform games gta IV, & games liek that, if nintendo made an external usb 2GB ram, wouldwe have gotten those games?

    wow alternate gameing world thoghts [​IMG]
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    DS is the N64.

    It goes like this.

    GBĂ‚ -> NES
    GBA -> SNES
    DS -> N64
    3DS -> GAMECUBE/Wii
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    The only thing Mario 64 has in common with it's portable brother, technical wise, is textures and game engine.
    Scratch that, the textures were modified to a lower quality so the DS could handle it. Mario 64=/= Mario 64 DS. It was more remake than port.

    Also, the software architecture is very different.

    And, the DSi has more internal ram than the DS, thus DSiware could not possibly function with just an addon. And they did release external RAM for the DS.