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    Nov 4, 2011
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm hoping someone might be able to shed some light on an issue I'm experiencing with my sons ds lite console. I bought a second one for Christmas (he's young) so we didn't want to pay for a ds xl, ds i or 3ds because he likes playing my old GBA.

    Anyway the console worked fine before, although it had a broken hinge which I've since replaced with a new shell. The problem is now I charge the system after several hours it stays 'red' and doesn't go green, although when I turn on the console the top right corner says the battery is full. If we put a game in it plays for about 5 minutes (either stays red or flashes between red/green) eventually it turns off and only way it's workable is with the power cable in. It's been suggested that it's simply the battery, which I didn't feel was right because it worked fine before and I think it's more than that, so I have swapped my daughters to compare the two.

    My sons battery inside my daughters ds; Plays for about 30 minutes, both normal games and their r4 card works. (eventually powers down)
    My daughters batter inside my sons ds; It's playable for about 5 minutes, it will either stay green for the whole time or it will flash between red/green then turn off. If the light remains green, it turns off and then shows up as red every attempt after.

    Any suggestions?
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    Umm I would try to by some 3rd party batteries.
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    You may have accidentally severed some connection inside the DS. It's one of those problems you can get from replacing the shell. The gubbins inside a DS can be really finicky.

    What I would do is take the shell off and try to play the DS without the shell. If it still doesn't work, then upload pictures of the DS's motherboard (they must be near-high quality, however. No blur or unfocused bits, please) so the good people of this forum can take a look at it.