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    So i replaced the conductive pads and when i put my ds back together, it doesnt turn off, i noticed that the volume button has this little piece of plastic thing that goes side to side. My power switch does not have, did i accidently break it? Please help me with this. [​IMG]
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    Apr 21, 2007
    You may have been very lucky... or very unlucky [​IMG]

    If the plastic slider is missing, the good news is that the black slider on the actual switch itself is probably intact (it is pretty easy to break...)

    Though if you have lost the plastic slider then it isn't that great either...

    So you will need to take apart the DS again, then have a look at the switch, there should be a little black slider that can be slid back and forth (it's spring loaded). If this is intact and you can find the slider from the case you can reassemble with all the pieces otherwise you have problems...
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    if you have broken the little plastic tab off the power switch inside your ds you will have to buy a new one and solder it into place
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    Yeah, if I got it right, you broke your slider, and will have to buy a new one from DX, and solder on the new one.....
    Not so easy to do if you never soldiered, and you might fry your DS, but be careful, and everything will be OK..