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    May 26, 2013
    Before this thread gets closed for being similar to other drive flashing questions I'd like to say that this is a bit of a unique situation.

    Basically I bought from eBay 2 faulty xbox 360 consoles, one with RROD and the other with a drive that fails to read disks. Once I followed some youtube tutorials which were useless on making the drive read disks, I stripped down the rrod console to the disk drive which turned out to be a Hitachi-LG drive. The drive in the system I want to work is a Samsung. I flashed the Hitachi-LG with the samsung keys and spoofed the firmware and it doesnt work in the console, and also cannot be reverted back to normal using my pc.

    What I need to know is: can I get a working console by either doing something with the faulty drive or the hitachi? Or do I need a new samsung drive to make this work? And if I got a new samsung drive, would I need to flash it with the keys of the old one? Also I had an interesting idea: I have a raspberry pi and an external harddisk, would there be any way of emulating a 360 drive using this configuration?

    I just want to play halo 3. Thanks.
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    You'll need a new Sammy drive.
    Latest dashes don't like spoofed drives/latest iXtreme FW's don't like spoofed drives.

    No, you'll have to get an Xkey, unless you have the knowledge of reverse engineering the Xkey firmware and build it around the Pi.