Dreaming so high with weak wings to reach them?

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by Sliter, Mar 15, 2016.

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    I like Wings, I kinda make a philosophy based on them ... but I can't even drawn them nicely ajshajsh
    Well, times in times this come my mind and I'm be like " I should start doing stuff right now" but not very effective... Recently it comes to me again ...

    This time come watching the pokemon 20 years/SUN+MOON trailer... The details that called my attention was showing game footage different languages, and at last showing that now Chinese language will get official releases... One of my "too far to reach" dream is officially working with pokemon... what came my mind noticing this was " I want it in Portuguese, I want to lead the translation/localization for that "
    I Know my ideals wasn't what mostly of the fans want, but as a fan and knowing the Pokemon worldwide context, I think this would be a good fit actually at all they want just the story line translated, moves, itens and stuff can be kept in english :P I want, for example to localize pokemon names, like in each language that have official translation (except Spanish idk why :v ), I think even breaking what everyone are used to, is a best fit and make it better than just a translation with nothing special :P if gonna be like this , there no reason to have the translation, right?Quality must come in front of what people are used to, right?
    Anyway this is just an "dream" in a lot more, just the last to show as example... (maybe I'm kinda obsessive with pokemon even not being my favorite like Zelda, but 'm more satisfied with how zelda stuff come than pokemon stuff, in general...)

    So then, on this week come to me by "God's hand" an live interview with two Brazilian artists that went to work on Disney / Blizzard, the general was " You can do everything, just don't give up" and that make me think more about ... I mean wanting to work on SUN/MOON is really impossible, my english isn't that good(spoken is even worse), my Japanese is... like i don't have it ... at least I can ask to go to the toilet?:v lol money to get outside the country? ...

    Like they told on the interview "go step by step" ... but I'm not much self motivated ... I know if I don't study (english, japanese, art, whatever) I can't reach what I dream with, but this is not enough to make me go there...
    I try enter some translation projects, helping with graphics edition, I tried to lead a fan translation but I can see i'm really a bad leader xp I can't keep people in touch...I even tried to enter an small game company but I was denied for not having an done project t show and not speaking Japanese xD

    Well, I don't want to take too long or make a big cry story here... if I continue it gonna be in circles and circles xD
    This is more about dreaming high but lack of motivation to make the way there, maybe I'm too much insecure?... Nice or bad words about you think of me are welcome....
    And about you ? Career dreams, goals, achievements already?

    It's strange taking about "dream" being 25 here... I know at this age a lot already are tracing their ways...
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