"drastic" measures

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    Well, the final phase of my plan to get a 3DS XL has been completed. All I have to do now is wait. What did I do? Well, it all started a couple weeks ago..

    [Dream flash back pink border]
    A friend of mine mentioned that he wanted to get his room mate a 360. I mentioned I had one that I never play with games. Be willing to give it up for about $200. Then that reminded me the 3DS XL was $200. Then I decided to get a 3DS XL. Well, I didn't decide just then.

    I have been thinking about it since the announcement. Sure I was upset about it not having a second analog stick, but who am I kidding? The way I use my 3DS, a bigger screen is highly appealing. I knew I would find SOME way to get one around the time of release, though at the time I didn't know how.

    Anyway, the deal fell through (turns out his room mate actually didn't want one), so committed to getting a 3DS in under a week from now I went to LOCAL GAME STORE and traded in my 360 and games and what accessories I could and got... $75 + some cash I used for gas (I REALLY needed gas, at least enough to hold me over to next paycheck).

    Speaking of paychecks, next one will be big. Well, bigger then I normally get. Enough to save money towards a new car, get enough gas to last me longer then this time did, pay off bills, buy my friend a Wii as a going to college present, and have enough left over to make up the difference between $75 and $200 with some left over for the tax.
    [/Dream flash back pink border]

    And finally, today, I preordered the 3DS XL from LOCAL GAME STORE and will be picking it up not on launch day. I don't get paid on Sunday!!! I get paid on Tuesday! But depending on how work is, it may have to wait till Wednesday.

    So yeah, time for why I brought this up. Am I crazy? Has anyone else gone to such "means" to get a game console they already own?
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    Before I knew about flashcarts ( I was like 9) I traded in all but 2 of my nds and gc games to get pokemon pearl and guitar hero. :yay:
  3. ferofax

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    Jan 26, 2009
    I sold a Silver PAL PS2 (the one that comes with a remote control for DVD playback) along with some games to buy a DSphat and some games.

    Never looked back since then.
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    Feb 9, 2011
    Bought my DSi in 2011 for R$500 (Brazil's money) and liked it so much that in the end of 2011 I sold my DSi and a lot of other stuff and bought my 3ds for R$520 (because it had backward compatibility and it was superior). It was pretty much the same price, because of the price drop xD
    I still miss my DSi though, I was one of the few people who had the sudokuhax. :yaynds: