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    Apr 9, 2020
    Hi, I attempted to port the translation of the two dragon quest heroes from pc over to switch. It didn't tun out well, sort of.
    I did the same operations with both pc editions of dragon quest heroes 1 and dragon quest heroes 2, hoping to port over the files to the switch edition.
    The pc edition contained two main folders called "bgm" and "mdat". the first folder is for music, in the second are stored movie files. So I didn't touch anything inside them. In the root directory of the game are stored two files called LINKDATA (LINKDATA.IDK and LINKDATA.BIN), where I suppose the script files are stored. So I managed to open the linkdata.idk files with quickbms (using arslan.bms decryption tool).
    They contained 2186 and 6537 files respectively.
    The files stored come vith various, unseen extensions (at least to my eyes):
    *.dxb = AutoCad file
    *.vap = Voice recoirdings
    *.gt1 = Textures
    *.sdb = WIndows registry key.
    *.nfc = ???
    *.me1 = ???
    *.mdl = Steam/Valve files
    *.img = ??? (only dqh2)
    *.dc5 = something very specific
    *.dat = (maybe the script is here?)
    *.cl5 = CD related files
    *.cdw = some 3d model, I suppose (only dqh2)
    *.b_i = ???? (only dqh2)
    *.alg = mathematical algorithm
    *._sp = (another unknown file)
    *.txt = text files with unreadable characters
    *.opy = development tool?? (not in PC dqh2)
    *.up_ = (only dqh1) ???
    Unfortunatelly, I've got no clue where the script files are located (maybe dat files?);

    Then I analysed the switch collection:
    After some time extracting the main .nca file i got this:
    in the romFS folder there are two folders: dqh1 and dqh2 (hopefully no merging problems) and two files: LINKDATA.IDK and LINKDATA.BIN (I think this is for the main screen, the security alert and the chose game screen).
    Every folder has the same structure as the PC ones (bgm and movie folders, LINKDATA files). Obviously I extracted the LINKDATA files to see any differences.
    dqh1 has an img file (the pc one do not feature it)
    the sdb files are still present
    every file has now a shorter name (example: 0000067e for NSW edition - 00000000000004f4 for PC)
    *.sv1 - *.tap - *.ut_ files exclusive to NSW (sv1 and ut_ only in NSW dqh1)
    no dxb files
    *.btr file in NSW dqh2
    Another thing I noticed was about the number of files: 2098 and 5268 respectively.

    What I did
    I tried placing the complete PC LINKDATA.BIN and .IDX in the romfs folder and placing it in my SD. The game selection menu is still in japanese (which I assume is because of the root linkdata file). After I select each game the software closed (whis I assumed the romfs patch worked).

    So this is the end of my journey (so far).
    Do you have any clue of where script files are located? any tips on replacing the files? any suggestion is welcome.
    please, don't let the NSW version to be unlocalised, especially when the english script is available on both the PS4 and the PC (which I think it is much easier to port over than a from scratch translation).
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