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    PAL only but US release in Dragon.Ball.Raging.Blast.2.USA.XBOX360-DComics a few days prior to this.

    One wikia link which describes gameplay and game content far better than is available in these few paragraphs
    Reviews a bit mixed thus far although most say an improvement on the last game. Probably a fans of the series game rather than a more general game (those that want a over the top anime/manga inspired fighting game would probably be pointed to the recent Naruto or Fist of the North Star games).


    Video (gameplay)


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    so many quality games out lately.

    - (not bad) - to be honest i never played the first much to judge, but the first felt really bad with controls and such, this feels jsut smoother - not to mention half the characters missing and the only way to get them was downloading them - sucked if you didn't have Live

    - disregard all reviews - if anything im enjoying this maybe it is just because im i die hard DBZ fan but yeah it is a solid OK for me
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